"Right on target"

  I have had the pleasure of attending two group events with Steve and The Boyz.  As an intuitive myself, I felt a heightened sense of energy during these events that confirmed for me the truth and authenticity of the guidance channeled through Steve.  I especially enjoyed attending these events, being in the energy, and listening to answers in response to questions asked by others, as I found that information also spoke to me.

   I also had an individual phone reading which was lovely, supportive,  and right on target.  The information I received in response to my questions was very, very helpful, and I believe, just what I needed to hear at that time.  I highly recommend Steve to anyone seeking!


Waterford, WI

"I continue to be amazed at the information received"

    I am delighted to offer a testimonial on behalf of Steve Polifka and the Angel Boyz with whom I have had the pleasure of meeting on several occasions, in private session and in a group setting.  Steve Polifka is a gifted and sensitive channel with a bright ability to house two spirits and bring them through respectfully.  The Boyz are personable and polite with a surprisingly good sense of humor.

    I have had many experiences with channelers, all which carry their own distinct qualities.  Steve Polifka's distinction lies in his ability to integritously hold an intuitive space to deliver the magical experience of hearing from two spirits at one time to everyone in the audience.  Each time I to talk to Steve, I see his head tip, his eyes change and I get the distinct feeling that someone else is listening. Interestingly,  I can count on getting a thorough answer after asking specific questions.  I continue to be amazed by the information received.  
    I would highly recommend a session with Steve and the Angel Boyz.

Bobbi J. Klebenow

"Working with the Boyz helped me to go deeper with my own healing"

On working with the Boyz:

    As a healer, working with the Boyz has helped me go deeper with my own healing process. I have been able to uncover old memories and patterns and see how they were affecting me. This has happened both because of Steve and his angels. Due to what we covered in my sessions, I have been able to use my energy at a more “core” level to help my clients. I’ve been able to release a lot of old stuff and see myself from a different—a kinder, and more compassionate, point of view
    The Boyz’ advice and perspective always proves sound. I have had to seek my own truths more readily. This is important to me, as I go on my journey. I have always had a nose for quality. That’s why I listen. So, I have become a better healer because of the Boyz, and in turn, my clients have benefitted from their assistance through me and because of me.
    If you have a chance to have a session with the Boyz, you are very lucky, indeed. Steve is a channeller of information of the highest order. Through the Boyz, and his own time with you, he imparts wisdom and knowledge to create a complete transformational experience for you, the human in question.

Stephanie S. Larson
The Game Changer


"Thank you for being a force for good"

  Thanks Steve, for bringing the boys to my home to enlighten my friends.  Some of them were familiar with channeling and some had never heard of it before and even the most skeptical were very impressed and grateful to me for inviting them.
    Keep spreading the light as we all awaken. Thank you for being a force for good in the world.

Sunni  Boehme

Milwaukee WI      

"They are respectful, loving and playful"

  Steve and "the Boyz" provide valuable insight into my health, relationships, gifts as a healer, and in understanding myself.  They are respectful, loving, and playful.  It is amazing to me how they see the whole picture, with so little sharing on my part, and then give insight, guidance, assistance and/or offer the appropriate energy transmission, just for me.  I am so grateful for their enriching my life.

Jill Borsos,

Milwaukee, WI


"They were spot on"

    When I first found out about  Gladimir and Zephram (The Boyz), I was excited and a little skeptical. I had gone to psychics before and had mixed results. Some were real and many were real fakes. My first session with The Boyz was something I will never forget. They had given me so much information that I had to take notes. They were spot on about everything I asked and things I did not ask. I have had many phone sessions and have never been disappointed.
    My first session in person was even more exciting. When I saw Steve go into his meditative state and saw the Boyz take over his body and voice, I knew I was in for something real  special. I was looking into somebody elses eyes and hearing someone elses voice and words. It was literally out of this world. They are definitely guides for our souls. My life and thoughts have changed considerably for the good. I am learning, growing, and understanding more everyday.
   I want to thank Steve, Gladimir, and Zephram for all of their help in showing me the light and the way.


Denver, CO

"Clarity, hope, and faith..."

   Connection, energy and love - this is what you will feel after a session with Steve and the Boyz. Each time I've come to them in confusion and fear over issues which paralyzed my life, they have given me clarity, hope, and faith. Their guidance and wisdom are compassionate and loving, yet firm. There is no coddling of your ego. You are responsible for creating your own wonderful life and the Boyz encourage you to face yourself, and learn to connect with your own angels and Higher Self. If you're ready to change your life with courage and optimism, this is where to start.   

   Much gratitude and thanks to Steve and the Boyz!  


La Crosse WI

"Clear channel"

    Steve's relationship with The Boyz is wonderful to experience.  He is a clean channel that brings forward clear and concise information from two angels, Gladimir and Zephram. The Boyz share succinct information while being polite, charming, and real.  If you are looking for clear guidance then Steve and the Boyz are it.    

~Kelly Geisler, Energy Artist