About Us

The Boyz Arrive! Steve has been bringing forth messages from Gladimir & Zephram to hundreds for nearly 10 years. It all began with a walk in the woods.

Steve's entire life, long before the dawn of the New Age movement and the over-abundance of credible and not-so-credible manifestation teachings, he was independently asking:,"Why not me? If we create ourt own reality,why can't I manifest the life I want?"

It was after asking these questions while living what he thought was a normal life, that everything fell apart - in less than a year. He was downsized at work. His relationship ended, and he was cheated by a business partner. After a great deal of inner work and guidance, he went to a local nature preserve with his shaman teacher and literally poured his heart out to a tree and to his complete surprise - the tree spoke to him, as did several other entities that day!

This magnificent tree and the others spiritually present, shared stories about the preserve, and he was shown narrated visions that included sad and violent trauma. He had experienced visions before, but they paled in comparison to these. This dramatic experience opened him in an unprecedented way, and his life changed.

A few weeks later Alexandria, who he now knows to be a higher realm being, showed him a vision - he was standing between the physical world and the spiritual, straddling infinity. He then understood. Shortly thereafter, his two guardian angels, Gladimir and Zephram, presented themselves.

Professionalism and Experience

Nearly ten years later, he continues to know without question, he is here, as they are, to serve mankind. More specifically, you – if you feel called to ask for their loving counsel.

Steve is clairaudient, clairvoyant and clairsentient. He is uniquely gifted to view remotely; opens and closes portals with ease; can evaluate and source energy fields as natural or unnatural, friendly or unfriendly, etc., and is a natural vortex divining rod.

Steve grew up near Wisconsin’s Lake Winnebago. He moved to the Milwaukee area as a young adult in the 70’s.

He spent several years as a psychic in Salem, MA at two prominent shops in the city.

He is also an accomplished musician and songwriter, and has loved anything ‘science fiction’ for as long as he can remember. Weather permitting he spends a great deal of time in nature – visiting.  

Clients consistently find Steve exceptionally down to earth, nonjudgmental and kindhearted. His friends enjoy his dry sense of humor and quick wit!

The Boyz

 In greater terms we are entities that dwell in realities that sync with yours and intersect with yours, with your three-dimensional Earth. When we speak of light, we speak of life. (When) we speak of love, we feel that love as we say those words. 


    When we speak to you, if you are receptive, you will feel that love and understand our words at the same time. So we say to you as you read these words: as you speak to us, feel us. Feel what we say. Know then that there is a connection with us.

​- Gladimir and Zephram


Coming Home: The Arrival

I was sitting at my keyboards,  writing this piece one Sunday before an Angelboyz  Event, and Gladimir and Zephram said to me,

" That will be our theme." 

So here it is for you to enjoy!