Angel Art by Kelly


A message from Kelly:

The first time I connected with Gladimir, Zephram, and The Blue Being from another dimension was in March of 2013.


My dear friend, Steve Polifka, is an intuitive and trans-medium who channels for angels and other entities. He primarily speaks for Gladimir and Zephram, his guides and guardian angels. Gladimir and Zephram work together, as a team, in this realm to provide a unified message. I am super grateful to have painted the essence of both of them. It is my intention to assist in sharing their message, energy, and wisdom with all.

The Blue Being

It was also at a Boyz Event that I saw this Blue Being of light with my physical eye. Each time I attend one of Steve’s events, I connect with and see/feel these blue beings (yes, there is more than one).During a session with Gladimir and Zephram, it was revealed to me that this blue being is known as ‘The Tall One’.

They all have been instrumental in assisting me in revealing my own truth during my most difficult times in 2013.

Alexandria I

The first time I connected with this higher dimensional being was in June of 2013. I originally referred to her as the “Blue Star Woman”, and it was later revealed to me that her name was Alexandria. It was at this event that I received confirmation that I indeed painted her.

In this painting, it is her eyes that transmit her wisdom, message and energy. I invite you to gaze at her, connect with her and open your heart and energy body to receive her. It is my experience that Alexandria is very loving and caring.

Alexandria II

In September of 2013, I journeyed to Malta on a Sacred Retreat. Malta is a country and an island in the Mediterranean. Malta is known as the epicenter of the Divine Feminine. For ten days I found solace in the waters of Malta, and it was there that I connected with the love, support, and beauty of Alexandria. This is the second picture that I have painted of her. The inspiration and origin of this painting was a photo of the magical Maltese waters.